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Péter Szabó, M.Sc., research associate
Péter Szabó
Address: 1111 Budapest, Lágymányosi u. 11.
Room number: L 109
Phone: +36 1 279 6119
E-mail: szabo.peterEZT_TOROLJE_KI@EZT_TOROLJE_KIsztaki.mta.hu
Department: Informatics Laboratory


  • BME TTK mathematics B.Sc.
  • BME TTK mathematician M.Sc.

List of Publications

  • P.G.N. Szabó, Symmetric distance formula in kantor spaces and the radius of the circumscribed sphere of affinely independent set of points, Periodica Polytechnica EECS, 57 (2013) 115-120
  • G.Y. Katona, P.G.N. Szabó, Bounds on the number of edges in hypertrees, Discrete Mathematics, 339(7) (2016) 1884-1891
  • P.G.N. Szabó, Bounds on the Number of Edges of Edge-minimal, Edge-maximal and l-hypertrees, Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory, 36 (2016) 259-278


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