These ladies and gentlemen received the following invitation for the beginning of the Shop-window exhibition series :

Barnabás Bencsik

Gabriella Csoszó

Csaba Nemes

Miklós Peternák

Zsolt Petrányi

János Szoboszlai

Tibor Szűcs

(not completed)



Dear inhabitants!


With the support of the GJISz Kft we have started a one-year exhibition series in this building`s shop-window and on the Internet.

According to our plans the shop-window in the house will change every month. In general it will be viewable about three weeks, then we will be covered for a few days while we construct the new one.

The project`s Internet address:

Participants in the project: Ákos Balázs - mathematican/programmer, Anita Sárosi, Beatrix Szörényi

For creating a shop-window we have no external financial source. We try to solve everything by ourselves. We beg you to support us with your understanding and patience.

Many thanks:

Anita Sárosi és Beatrix Szörényi


 Budapest, 10.02.2000.

Dear inhabitants!


We proudly inform you that regarding to our shop-window exhibition series we got very positive reviews.

Referring to the statistics from the MTA SZTAKI (the Computer and Automation Research Institute) about 25-45 persons visit our site weekly on the Internet.

Internet address:

According to our plans we will work in this house`s shop-window for eight more months.

We beg you to support us with your understanding and your patience.

Many thanks:

Anita Sárosi és Beatrix Szörényi


 Budapest, 14.06.2000.

High, dear I./II./III. grade IT-students!

The anatomic-immortality lesson on the 6th December(?)
will happen in front of
Beatrix Szorenyi`s shop-window (II. district. Hattyu street 10/c)
Every on should bring the Cannibal Living wage Standard Rite Hymn text
and an instrument with him.
Thank you.



(St.Auby Tamas)





- These shop-windows are like films. You can not deny your motion picture approach.

- I like the old woman`s flat the best.
- Which old woman? What was inside?
- I don`t know.

- Oh great.

- And what was your intent with it?

Dear shop-window,
In these exciting times of the technical, globalization and shop-window exhibitions the file transport is working without going to the exhibition openings :-)
Apart from this I will come about 4, because I am interested in what you have done & and elsewhere it`s impossible to meet you.
Good work:

-This is genius!

- I don`t like it.

Dear Ego!
I am a student at the Film and Theatre Academy and every day I pass by your shop-winmdow and I started to like your work. I would like to make a documentary film about you; of course only if you agree.
Thank you in advance
Chita(Kita) Ildikó

- Did you make these shop-windows? I can only congratulate you. Damn good!

Oh how nice, Trixi, I like it very much.
To see it in person is one more reason to come to Budapest. It is a pity that I have to work and that is why it will be a little bit difficult...
Lilla von Puttkamer

- Okay then I will give you my evaluation: In my opinion these shop-windows are too artistic.

- Are you surrealists?
-No. Also this shop-window might be surrealistic.

- I like the boxes that were filled with light the most. They were like flowers.

Congratulations! It was so great.
Now I have seen all of them and I could not bear to stay calm because I had to laugh about the phrases on the website. Damn good if it`s allowed to say this. I really really like your shop-window !!
greetings for everybody, jimko
(Hendrika Bosch)

Congratulations, I am perplexed, will you explain to me sometime what I have seen?
I will take a look at it another time again when it is not that crowded, but my impression is that this is very different from the others, more baroque but of course it might be that I have not understood anything.
In any case there are a few javascript mistakes in the website. We should examine them one time.



Dear Ladies/Gentlemen!

We would like to borrow 12 postaments for an exhibition from the Műcsarnok`s inventory.
The planned exhibition is the last piece, the closing, the summarizing exhibiton of a one-year exhibtion series.
For one year we worked without any external financial support in a shop-window constructing installations using diverse tools and materials.

For the last exhibition we like to ask for your support.
We are both students, at the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts resp. at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts.
We count on your good will to lend us the postaments for free or at a discount from February the 23th to March 19th.

The opening of exhibition: Februry 26th 2001 at 18 pm
the exhibition will be opened by: Csaba Nemes artist
Bp. I. district. Hattyú street 10/c.

We ask you for a quick answer!
214-45-47 fax/tel

Anita Sárosi
Beatrix Szörényi

Bp. 08. 02.2001.


From March 2001 the shop-window in the I. district in Hattyú street 10/c will function as a non-profit gallery.
We want to offer an opportunity for everbody to exhibit - without restrictions in the genre or in the technique - to whomever is interested in using a shop-window as a special place for exhibiting and wants to reflect on this way of communicating with the average people on the street.
Until the 1. of June we can assure several dates for those who want to exhibit. Subsequently the shop-window`s fate depends upon the exhibiters plans and the quality of their works.

We ask all interested parties to declare their interest to exhibit before the 10th March 2001. Please attach a short descrition of the project or a sketch of the idea.
Szörényi Beatrix
tel/fax: 214 45 47

Beause we have no external financial source, we can not pay for the materials needed for the shop-window exhibitions. Everyone has to provide materials and tools himself. Beside the electric current at the scene we can not offer any support.

Anita Sárosi
Beatrix Szörényi

Bp. 15th February 2001


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