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Full name: SYMBIO-TIC
Homepage: http://www.symbio-tic.eu/
Department: Research Laboratory on Engineering & Management Intelligence, Department of Distributed Systems
Start date: 2015. 04. 01.
End date: 2019. 04. 01.
External identifier: H2020 637107

Project manager

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)



The european manufacturing industry is facing challenges in terms of adaptability, flexibility and vertical integration. The SYMBIO-TIC project adresses these important issues towards a safe, dynamic, intuitive and cost effective working environment were inmersive and symbiotic collaboration between human workers and robots can take place and bring significant benefits to robot - reluctant industries, where current tasks and processes are thought too complex to be automated. The benefits that the project can bring about include lower costs, increased safety, better working conditions and higher profitability through improved adaptability, flexibility, performance and seamless integration.

Project specific objectives are:

  • Objective 1: To develop an active collision avoidance subsystem to safeguard human workers.
  • Objective 2: To generate adaptive task plans appropriate to both robots and human workers.
  • Objective 3: To adapt to dynamic changes with intuitive and multimodal programming.
  • Objective 4: To provide human workers with in-situ assistance on what-to-do and how-to-do.
  • Objective 5: To demonstrate and validate the project concept and solutions.