Instructions for preparing manuscripts for the DCFS'03 proceedings
  • Contributions should be sent as a text file written in plain LaTeX (LaTeX 2e is preferred) using the standard article document class and the size parameters given below. Do not forget to take into account the effect that these might have on the length and the layout of the paper.

  • The length of the contributions

      - 12 pages for regular papers and for regular papers with short presentation,
      - 10 pages for papers with short presentation.

    For the type of the contribution, consult the letter with the notification about the acceptance of the paper.

  • The font size should be 11pt, the size of the text area 14cm x 22cm. This can be achieved by the following commands:

    \textheight 22cm
    \textwidth 14cm
    \topmargin -0.5cm
    \oddsidemargin 1cm
    \evensidemargin 1cm

  • Be sure to include all the macros, command definitions in the preamble, and do not forget about the files containing the bibliography.

  • With questions or problems write to György Vaszil at