Key projects


Symbiotic Human-Robot Collaborative Assembly: Technologies, Innovations and Competitiveness.

EU H2020 project (2015-2019).

The project addresses the realization of a safe, dynamic, intuitive, and cost-effective working environment where immersive and symbiotic collaboration between human workers and robots can take place and bring significant benefits to robot-reluctant industries. For more information, see the project website.

E+grid, energy-positive street lighting sub-grid

Development of an embedded information system for optimizing energy-positive street lighting

Project funded by the National Development Agency, Hungary (2012-2014).

The development of the E+grid adaptive intelligent street lighting system was motivated by the application of solar energy in public lighting, and by achieving energy efficiency in a smart grid environment. SZTAKI developed the central controller that monitors and controls all hardware components of the system, optimizes the energy management, and provides smart city services to various stakeholders. For more information, see our journal publication.

RLW Navigator

Remote Laser Welding System Navigator for Eco & Resilient Automotive Factories.

EU FP7 project (2012-2014).

The goal of the project is to develop an engineering platform for the automotive applications of remote laser wedling (RLW). SZTAKI works on RLW workstation configuration, and develops an offline programming toolbox for RLW, including task sequencing, path planning, inverse kinematics, collision detection and simulation. For more information, see the project website.


Reliability focused research on optimizing Wind Energy systems design, operation and maintenance: Tools, proof of concepts, guidelines & methodologies for a new generation.

EU FP7 project (2008-2011).

SZTAKI developed algorithms and an integrated software tool for failure detection/prognosis and maintenance planning for wind farms. For more information, see the project website.

Supplier Collaboration Tool

Development of a supplier collaboration tool for a multinational enterprise and its worldide suppliers (2008-2009).

VITAL, Real-time cooperative enterprises

The goal of the project was to research and develop new methods for the real-time management of complex technical and economical systems that work in changing, uncertain environments, with special focus on customized mass production. The topics investigated in the project include resource management and scheduling, real-time production control with changes and disturbances, and cooperative production and logistic networks.

National Research and Development Programme (2004-2007)

Digital factories and production networks

Development of models and algorithms for integrated production planning and scheduling for make-to-order and engineering-to-order enterprises.

National Research and Development Programme (2001-2004).

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