Five best publications

1. Erdős, G., Kis, T., Xirouchakis P. (2001). Modelling and evaluating product end-of-life options. International Journal of Production Research 39/6, 1203—1220.

2. Kis, T., Hertz, A. (2000). A lower bound for the job insertion problem. Discrete Applied Mathematics, accepted, ps

3. Kis, T. (2002), On the complexity of non-preemptive shop scheduling with two jobs, Computing 69, 37— 49.

4. Kis T. (2004),  Job-shop scheduling with processing alternatives, European Journal of Operational Research 152/1, xxx—xxx.

5. Márkus, A., Váncza, J., Kis, T., Kovács, A. (2003), Project scheduling approach for production planning, Annals of the CIRP, 52/1.

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