Csaba Mészáros
Ph.D., senior researcher

e-mail: mcsaba@oplab.sztaki.hu

  • diploma in mathematics: Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
  • candidate of sciences (Ph.D.): Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, 1996
Research interests:
  • operations research
  • numerical methods of interior-points algorithms

The 10 most important publications of the past ten years:

  1. Andersen, E. – Gondzio, J. – Mészáros, Cs. – Xiaoije, X.: Iplementation of interior point methods for linear programming. in: Interior Point Methods of Mathematical Programming, (ed. T. Terlaky) Kluwer Academic Publisher, 1996. pp. 189-252. 
  2. Fölsz, F. – Mészáros, Cs. – Rapcsák, T.: Distribution of gas cylinders. European Journal of Operations Research 87:313-323. (1995) [impact factor: 0.456]
  3. Mészáros, Cs.: Fast Cholesky Factorization for Interior Point Methods of Linear Programming. Computers & Mathematics with Applications 31: 49-51. (1996) [impact factor: 0.339]
  4. Mészáros, Cs. – Rapcsák, T.: On sensitivity analysis for a class of decision systems. Decision Support Systems 16:231-240. (1996) [impact factor: 0.355]
  5. Mészáros, Cs.: The augmented system variant of IPMs in two-stage stochastic linear programming computation. European Journal of Operations Research, 101/2:317-327,  (1997) [impact factor: 0.456]
  6. Maros, I. – Mészáros, Cs.: The Role of the Augmented System in Interior Point Methods. 1996. European Journal of Operations Research 107:720-736, (1998) [impact factor: 0.456]
  7. Mészáros, Cs.: On free variables in interior point methods. Optimization Methods and Software, 4:121-139, (1998) [impact factor: 0.377]
  8. Mészáros, Cs.: Steplengths in infeasible primal-dual interior point methods of quadratic programming, Operations Research Letters 25:39-45 (1999) [impact factor: 0.360]
  9. Mészáros, Cs. – Rapcsák, T. – Sági, Z.: Pollution transmission in the air, In: Z.Zlatev et al. (eds.), Large-Scale Computations in Air Pollution Modelling, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1999, p. 235-247.
  10. Mészáros, Cs.: The BPMPD interior point solver for convex quadratic programming problems. Optimization Methods and Software, 11&12:431-449, (1999) [impact factor: 0.377]
Summarizing data on the scientific activity:
  • total number of referred articles: 25
    • in foreign journals from the above (without conference abstracts): 12
    • in Hungarian journals published in Hungarian: 3
  • number of references (without self-references): 60
  • number of lectures at international conferences: 10
  • number of monograph chapters: 1
Latest projects:

Research grants:

  • OTKA # F029101 - Numerical methods of interior point algorithms (1999-2001)
Applications, completed:


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