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  • This page is devoted to the interior point solver called BPMPD. The solver is developed by Csaba Mészáros at the MTA SZTAKI, Computer and Automation Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences , Budapest , Hungary .


    Newest version: 2.21  (June, 1998)

    New features:

    The standard BPMPD package has the following features:

    The above techniques make BPMPD very reliable and fast to solve wide variety of linear and convex quadratic programming problems. The solver can handle special structures automatically (e.g. dense columns) as well as free variables explicitely.

    You can obtain a Windows95/NT  executable  and  DLL  version of the new release. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have questions about the package.

    You can find the following papers about BPMPD:

    Linear Programming Test Problems

    I'm collecting linear programming problems (in MPS format, formulated as minimization) for testing. You can find them in the following subdirectories of http://www.sztaki.hu/~meszaros/public_ftp/lptestset:

    The problems are compressed in two levels. To uncompress them, you have to gunzip the files and then use the empc utility to create the MPS file. Please let you submit me your problems (if you have an interesting one) by sending me a mail message.
  • I would like to emphasize my sincerely thanks to those people who helped me to extend the MISC collection, namely to

  • Csaba Mészáros,
    Budapest, Hungary