Renner Dr. Gabor Renner, PhD
Senior Research Fellow
Geometric Modelling Laboratory,
Computer and Automation Research Institute
Address: 1111 Budapest, Kende u. 13-17. Hungary
Phone: 36-1-3868782
Fax: 36-1-4667503

Short Resume
Selected Publications
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Short Resume

Gabor Renner received a Dipl.Ing in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Budapest, in 1968. He received a candidate's degree of technical sciences (PhD) from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1989 with a dissertation entitled 'New interpolation methods in computer aided geometric design'. He is an associate professor at the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of the Technical University Budapest. He gives lectures on Computer Aided Geometric Design and CAD Technologies

Gabor Renner joined the Computer and Automation Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1972, where he is a senior research fellow. In the last 25 years he participated in and leaded several research projects on geometric modelling and CAD software developments for various industrial applications including international projects as well.

Gabor Renner is a member of the Computer Science and Automation Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and organizing and programm committees of several international conferences. He is author or coauthor of more that 50 publications which have appeared in professional journals and international conferences. He held seminars and lectures abroad. His recent research interest include surface and solid modelling, free-form surface representation with general topology, n-sided patches, curve and surface fitting, functional decomposition and reconstruction of free form surfaces, recognition and reverse engineering of free form features, geometric optimization with genetic algorithms in curve and surface design, medial surface computations.

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Selected Publications

  1. Renner,G.: Polynomial n-sided patches , In Curves and Surfaces, Eds.: Lurent, P.J., Mechaute, A.L., Schumaker, L.L., Academic Press, 1992, pp 407-410.

  2. Renner, G.: A method of shape description for mechanical engineering practice,Computers in Industry, Vol 9, No 3, 1982, pp 137-142.

  3. Hermann, T. Renner, G.: Note on the RGB patch concept, Computer Aided Geometric Design, Vol 9, No 4, 1992, pp 271-277.

  4. Markus, A. Renner,G. Vancza, J.: Genetic algorithms in free form curve design,In: Mathematical Methods for Curves and Surfaces, (Eds.: M. Daehlen, T. Lyche, L.L.Schumaker), Vanderbilt University Press, 1995, pp 343-354.

  5. Renner, G. Stroud, I.: Medial Surface Generation and Refinemement,In: Product Modelling for Computer Integrated Design and Manufacture, Ed. M.J.Pratt, R.D.Sriram, M.J.Wozny. Chapman & Hall, !997, pp.371-381.

  6. Renner, G. Weiss, V.: Curves on Surfaces:analysis and new solutions, In: The Mathematics of Surfaces VIII, Eds. R. Cripps, Information Geometer,1998, pp. 57-71

  7. Renner, G.,Varady, T. Weiss, V. : Reverse Engineering of Free-form Features, PROLAMAT 98, September, Trento, 1998, pp ... - ...

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