Lajos Rónyai

Research papers:

 1. On rings having a special type of subring lattice; Acta Math. Acad. Sci. Hungariae 37, (1981) 223-234. (with E. W. Kiss)

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 5. MDB-2. Kernel Definition; MTA SZTAKI Working Paper II/28 1982. (with E. Knuth)

 6. On the query language SDLA/SET; MTA SZTAKI Tanulmányok 134, 1982 (in Russian). (with E. Knuth)

 7. On the free spectra of maximal clones; Comptes Rendus Acad. Sci.Canada 4, (1982) 363-366. (with J. Demetrovics and J. Hannák)

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 9. On free spectra of clones with sharply transitive automorphism groups; ibid., 126-128. (with J. Demetrovics)

10. Near unanimity functions of partial orderings; Proc. 14th International Symp. on Multiple Valued Logic, Winnipeg (1984), 52-56. (with J. Demetrovics and L. Hannák)

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12. Closed convex reference schemes; in: Proc. of the IFIP TC-2 Conf. on System Description Methodologies; Kecskemét (1985), 435-454. (with E. Knuth)

13. Polynomial time solutions to some problems in computational algebra; in: Proc. of the 17th Annual ACM Symposium on the Theory of Computing, Providence (1985), 153-162. (with K. Friedl)

14. Zero divisors and invariant subspaces; University of Oregon Technical Report CIS-TR 85-II.

15. On algebraic properties of monotone clones; Order 3, (1986) 219-225. (with J. Demetrovics and J. Hannák)

16. Simple algebras are difficult; Proc. of the 19th Annual ACM Symposium on the Theory of Computing, New York (1987), 398-408.

17. An application of computer statistics for the classification of Roman amphorae; in T. Bezeczky: Roman Amphorae from the Amber Route in Western Pannonia, BAR Internatinal Series 386, Oxford (1987), 172-191. (with P. Kerékfy and T. Bezeczky)

18. Zero divisors in quaternion algebras; Journal of Algorithms 9, (1988) 494-506.

19. Factoring polynomials over finite fields; Proc. 1987 IEEE Symp. on Foundations of Computer Science (1987), 132-137.
The full paper appeared in:
Journal of Algorithms 9, (1988) 391-400.

20. Factoring polynomials modulo special primes; Combinatorica 9, (1989) 199-206.

21. Planar functions over finite fields; Combinatorica 9, (1989) 315-320. (with T. Szőnyi)

22. Algebraic properties of crowns and fences; Order 6, (1989) 91-99. (with J. Demetrovics)

23. Computing irreducible representations of finite groups; Proc. of the 30th IEEE FOCS (1989), 93-98.
The full paper appeared in:
Mathematics of Computation 55, (1990) 705-722. (with L. Babai)

24. Galois groups and factoring polynomials over finite fields; Proc. of the 30th IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science, 1989, 99-104.
The full paper appeared in:
SIAM Journal of Discrete Mathematics 5, (1992) 345-365.

25. Computing the structure of finite algebras; invited contribution Journal of Symbolic Computation 9, (1990) 355-373.

26. Computing the order of centralizers in linear groups; Information and Computation 91, (1991) 172-176.

27. Dependency types; Computers and Mathematics with Applications 21, (1991) 25-33. (with J.Demetrovics and N. S. Hua)

28. Algorithmic properties of maximal orders in simple algebras over Q;Computational Complexity 2, (1992) 225-243.

29. On the representation of dependencies by propositional logic; Proc. of MFDBS 91, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 495, Springer-Verlag, 1991, 230-242. (with J. Demetrovics, N. S. Hua)

30. On the composition and decomposition of attributes and tuples; Proc. of the 4th International Conference on Database Theory, Berlin, 1992, 71-86. (with J. Demetrovics, N. S. Hua)

31. On the complexity of finding maximal orders in semisimple algebras over Q; Computational Complexity 3, (1993) 245-261. (with G. Ivanyos)

32. Decomposition of algebras over F_q(x_1,... ,x_m) Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing 5, (1994) 71-90. (with G. Ivanyos and Á. Szántó)

33. A note on intersections of isotone clones; Acta Cybernetica 10, (1992) 217-220. (with J. Demetrovics)

34. Functional dependencies among Boolean dependencies; Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence 7, (1993) 83-106. (invited contribution, with J. Demetrovics, N. S. Hua)

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36. Computations in associative algebras; in: Workshop on groups and computation. 1991. (Eds. L. Finkelstein, W. M. Kantor), American Mathematical Society, 1993 pp. 221-243. (invited survey paper)

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38. The effect of model formulation on the complexity of control problems; in: Computer-Intensive Methods in Control and Signal Processing; L. Kulhavy, M. Karny, K. Warwick, eds.; Preprints of the European IEEE Workshop CPM'94, Prague, 1994, 215-227. (with K.  M. Hangos)

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40. Norm-graphs and bipartite Turán numbers; Combinatorica 16, (1996) 399-406. (with J. Kollár, T. Szabó)

41. Extremal bipartite graphs and superpolynomial lower bounds for monotone span programs; Proc. of the 28th Annual ACM Symposium on the Theory of Computing, ACM Press, 1996, 603-611. (with L. Babai, A. Gál, J. Kollár, T. Szabó, and A. Wigderson)

42. Clones and maximal sets in set logic containing all Boolean functions; Acta Sci. Math. (Szeged) 62, (1996) 23-35. (with J. Demetrovics, I. G. Rosenberg and I. Stojmenovic)

43. Prime-field-complete functions and factoring polynomials over finite fields; Computers and Artificial Intelligence 15, (1996) 571-577. (with Á. Szántó)
Preprint: PostScript

44. Computing Levi decompositions; Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing 8, (1997) 291-304. (with W. de Graaf, G. Ivanyos, and A. Küronya)

45. Computations in finite-dimensional Lie algebras; Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science 1, (1997) 129-138. (with A. M. Cohen and W. de Graaf)

46. Periodical scheduling; Publ. Math. Debrecen 52, (1998) 337-342. (with J. Demetrovics and K. Friedl)

47. On plus-minus-1-representations of integers; Acta Cybernetica 14, (1999) 27-36. (with J. Demetrovics and A. Pethő;)

48. Norm-graphs: variations and applications; Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Ser. B. 76, (1999) 280-290. (with N. Alon and T. Szabó)

49. A combinatorial problem on polynomials and rational functions; Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Ser. A. 89, (2000) 1-20. (with Gy. Elekes)

50. On a conjecture of Kemnitz; Combinatorica 20, (2000) 569-573.

51. On the number of zero-patterns of a sequence of polynomials; Journal of the AMS 14, (2001), 717-735. (with L. Babai and M. Ganapathy)

52. Shattering news; Graphs and Combinatorics 18, (2002), 59-73. (with R. P. Anstee and A. Sali)
Preprint: Postscript

53. Standard monomials for q-uniform families and a conjecture of Babai and Frankl; Central European Journal of Mathematics 1, (2003), 198 - 207. (with G. Hegedűs)
Preprint:  pdf

54. Gröbner bases for complete uniform families; Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics 17, (2003), 171-180. (with G. Hegedűs)
Preprint: PostScript, pdf

55. Order shattering and Wilson's theorem; Discrete Mathematics 270, (2003), 127-136. (with K. Friedl)
Preprint: PostScript

56. Dependencies and generalized relations; Mathematical and Computer Modelling 38, (2003), 773-782. (with J. Demetrovics and N. S. Hua)

57. Trie: an alternative data structure for data mining algorithms; Mathematical and Computer Modelling 38, (2003), 739--751. (with F. Bodon)

58. On a conjecture of László Rédei; Acta Sci. Math. (Szeged) 69, (2003), 523--531.
Preprint: PostScript

59. Gröbner bases for permutations and oriented trees; Annales Univ. Sci. Budapest. Sectio Computatorica 23, (2004), 137--148. (with A. Nagy and G. Hegedűs)
Preprint:  pdf

60. Standard monomials of some symmetric sets; Acta Universitatis Apulensis Math. Inform. No. 10 (2005), 331--344. (with D. Pintér)

61. The lex game and some applications; Journal of Symbolic Computation 41, (2006), 663--681. (with B. Felszeghy and B. Ráth)

62.  Standard monomials for partitions; Acta Mathematica  Hungarica 111 (9), (2006), 193--212. (with G. Hegedűs)

63.  On the lexicographic standard monomials of zero dimensional ideals;  Proc. of the 10th Rhine Workshop on Computer Algebra (2006), 95--105.  (with B. Felszeghy)

64. Approximate radical ideal with clusters of roots; Proc. of  the 2006 International Symp. on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation, ACM Press, 2006, 146--153. (with I. Janovitz-Freireich and Á. Szántó)

65. Gröbner bases for complete l-wide families; Publ. Math. Debrecen 70(3-4), (2007), 271--290. (with K. Friedl and G. Hegedűs)

66.  Approximate Radical for Clusters: A Global Approach Using Gaussian Elimination or SVD; Mathematics in Computer Science, 1(2), (2007), 393--425. (with I.  Janovitz-Freireich, and Á. Szántó)

67.  Computing Approximate Radicals using Bezoutians (Extended Abstract). Proceedings of MEGA 2007, (electronic).  (with I. Janovitz-Freireich, B. Mourrain,  and Á. Szántó)

68. Constructions for quantum computing with symmetrized gates, Quantum Information and Computation 8, (2008), 0411-0429.  (with A. B. Nagy, and G. Ivanyos)
Preprint: quant-ph/0608241.

69. Moment matrices, trace matrices and the radical of ideals; Proc. of the 2008 International Symp. on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation, ACM Press 2008, 125--132. (with I. Janovitz-Freireich, B. Mourrain and Á. Szántó)

70. On the Hilbert function of complementary set families; Annales Univ. Sci. Budapest., Sectio Computatorica, 29(2008), 175--198. (with D. Pintér)

71. Random-order bin packing; Discrete Applied Mathematics, 156(14), (2008), 2810--2816. (with E. G. Coffman, J. Csirik and A. Zsbán)

72.  Algebraic Properties of Modulo q Complete l-Wide Families, Combinatorics, Probability & Computing 18(2009), 309-333.
(with B. Felszeghy,  and G. Hegedűs)

73. Some meeting points of Gröbner bases and combinatorics, In: Algorithmic Algebraic Combinatorics and Gröbner bases (M.
Klin, G. A. Jones, A. Jurisic, M. Muzychuk, I. Ponomarenko editors), Springer, 2009, pp. 207--227. (with B. Felszeghy)
Preprint: pdf

74.  Incomplete Pairwise Comparison Matrices in Multi-Attribute Decision Making, In: Proceedings of
The IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM),  2009,  2256-2260. (with S. Bozóki, and J. Fülöp)
Preprint: pdf

75.  Optimal Solutions for Single Fault Localization in Two Dimensional Lattice Networks, In: Proc. IEEE
INFOCOM Mini-Symposium, San Diego, CA, USA, 2010,  5 pages. (with J.  Tapolcai, and Pin-Han Ho)
Preprint: pdf

76. On optimal completion of incomplete pairwise comparison matrices, Math. Comput. Modelling 52 (2010), no. 1-2, 318-333. 
(with S. Bozóki, and J. Fülöp)
Preprint: pdf

77. Some combinatorial applications of Gröbner bases, in: Algebraic Informatics (Franz Winkler ed.), 4th International Conference, CAI
2011, Linz, Proceedings; Springer LNCS 6742, Springer-Verlag 2011, pp. 65--83. (with T. Mészáros)
Preprint: pdf

78.  A novel approach for failure localization in all-optical mesh networks, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 19 (2011), 275--285.
(with J. Tapolcai, B. Wu, P.-H. Ho)
Preprint: pdf

79. Failure localization for shared risk link groups in all-optical mesh networks using monitoring trails,   Journal of Lightwave Technology,
29(2011), 1597--1606.
(with J. Tapolcai, P.H. Ho, P. Babarczi, B. Wu) 
Preprint: pdf

80. Some extensions of Alon's Nullstellensatz, Publ. Math. Debrecen 79(2011), 507--519. (with G. Kós and T. Mészáros)
Preprint:  pdf

81. Multivalued generalizations of the Frankl-Pach Theorem, Journal of Algebra and its Applications, 11(2012).  
(with G. Hegedűs)
Preprint:  pdf

82. Trading GRH for algebra: algorithms for factoring polynomials and related structures, Mathematics of Computation 81(2012), 493--531.
(with G. Ivanyos, M. Karpinski, N. Saxena)
Preprint:  pdf

83. Splitting full matrix algebras over algebraic number fields, Journal of Algebra, 354(2012), 211--223.
(with G. Ivanyos,  and J. Schicho)
Preprint:  pdf

84. Fast failure Localization in all-optical networks with length-constrained monitoring trails, In: Proc. of the Workshop on Reliable Networks Design and Modeling (RNDM), St. Petersburg, Russia, 2012, pp. 677-683.
(with É. Hosszú, J. Tapolcai, P. Babarczi, P. Soproni, P-H. Ho)
Preprint: pdf

85. Alon's Nullstellensatz for multisets, Combinatorica, 32(2012), 589--605.
(with G. Kós)
Preprint:  pdf

86. On the computation of matrices of traces and radicals of ideals, Journal of Symbolic Computation, 47(2012), 102--122.
(with I. Janovitz-Freireich, B. Mourrain, Á. Szántó)
Preprint:  pdf

87. Network-wide local unambiguous failure localization (NWL-UFL) via monitoring trails, IEEE/ACM Transaction on Networking, 20(2012), 1762--1773.
(with J. Tapolcai, P.-H. Ho, B. Wu)
Preprint: pdf

88. Shattering-Extremal Set Systems of Small VC-Dimension, ISRN Combinatorics, vol. 2013, Article ID 126214, 8 pages.
(with T. Mészáros)
Full text:  here

89. Improved algorithms for splitting full matrix algebras, JP Journal of Algebra, Number Theory and Applications, 28(2013), 141--156.
(with G. Ivanyos and Á. Lelkes)
Preprint:  arXiv

90. Fisher kernels for image descriptors: a theoretical overview and experimental results, Annales Univ. Sci. Budapest., Sect. Comp. 40(2013), 201-214.
(with B. Daróczy and A. Benczúr)
Full text:  here

91.On Signaling-Free Failure Dependent Restoration in All-Optical Mesh Networks, IEEE-ACM Transactions on Networking, 99(2013),1--14.
(with J. Tapolcai, P-H. Ho, P. Babarczi)
Preprint:  pdf

92. Link Fault Localization using Bi-directional M-Trails in All-Optical Mesh Networks, IEEE Transactions on Communications, 61 (2013), 291--300.
(with J. Tapolcai and P-H. Ho)
Preprint:  pdf

93. On Achieving All-Optical Failure Restoration via Monitoring Trails, In: Proc. IEEE Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM), Mini-Conf. Torino, Italy, 2013, 380--384.
(with J. Tapolcai, P-H. Ho, P. Babarczi)
Preprint:  pdf

94. Finite semigroups whose semigroup algebra over a field has a trivial right annihilator, International Journal of Contemporary Mathematical Sciences, 9(2014,) 25--36. (with A. Nagy)
Online version:  html

95. On Signaling-Free Failure Dependent Restoration in All-Optical Mesh Networks, IEEE-ACM Transactions on Networking, 22 (2014), 1067--1078. (with J. Tapolcai, P-H. Ho, P. Babarczi)

96. Seven mutually touching infinite cylinders, Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications, 48(2015), 87-–93. (with S Bozóki, T-L. Lee)
Online version:  pdf

Articles for wider readership (educational, popular, project descriptions):

1. Fermat's Last Theorem (in Hungarian); Középiskolai Matematikai és Fizikai Lapok 44, (1994) 1-7.

2. Elliptic curves and Fermat's Last Theorem (in Hungarian); Matematikai Lapok, 2(1992), 3-4, 1-22. Issue appeared in May 1995.

3. Fermat's conjecture = Wiles' theorem (in Hungarian); Népszabadság, July 27, 1996. (with Gy. Katona)

4. Symbolic computation; ERCIM News, No 25, April 1996.
Article in html

5. Weil conjectures (in Hungarian); Magyar Hírlap, September 25, 1998.

6. A truly marvelous proof (in Hungarian); in: Matematikai mozaik, ed.: E. Hódi, TypoTeX Kiadó, 1999, 271-285.

7. Three faint echoes (in Hungarian); in: special issue of Természet Világa on the Computing Sciences, invited contribution, 2000. 14-18.

8. New corresponding members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (in Hungarian); Magyar Tudomány, 46(2001), 199-1111. (with Imre Dékány, András Falus, Attila Paládi-Kovács Ignác Romsics, Ádám Török, János Varga)
Article in html

9. Algebra and Computation at SZTAKI; ERCIM News, no 50, July 2002, 31-32. (with A. Benczúr and G. Ivanyos)
Article in html

10. Wrestling with complexity: efficient algorithms (in Hungarian); Magyar Tudomány, March, 3(2003), 356-362.
Article in rtf

11. What's what? (in Hungarian); Magyar Tudomány, September, 9(2003), 1174--1179. (with S. Csörgő; and I. Z. Ruzsa)
Article in html

12.  Elliptic curves -- from geometry to secret communication (in Hungarian); Mindentudás Egyeteme, 2005. december 12.
Netpage of the lecture

13. Elekes György polinomokkal kapcsolatos kombinatorikai eredményeiről; Matematikai Lapok, (2009)/2, 43--46.

14. The work of György Elekes on some combinatorial properties of polynomials,  Ann. Univ. Sci. Budapest.  Sect. Math. 52 (2009),

15. Splitting full matrix algebras over algebraic number fields, Oberwolfach Reports 37/2011, 30--32.

16. Informatikai stratégia Magyarországon; szerk.: Dömölki Bálint, Magyar Tudományos Akadémia, 2012. 1--111. (közreműködő)

17. Véges testek feletti polinomok felbontása, Székfoglalók 2001, Matematikai és természttudományok, I. kötet Akadémiai Műhely, MTA 2013, 69--88.


1. Algorithms (in Hungarian); TYPOTEX Kiadó, 1998, 1-349. (with Gábor Ivanyos and Réka Szabó)
Contents, gzipped PostScript
Introduction, gzipped PostScript

2. Formal methods in computing (editors: A. Pataricza, M. Ferenczi, L. Rónyai);  Akadémiai Kiadó, 2005, 1--425.
(The volume was awarded a Quality Prize in 2011.)

3. Internet Optical Infrastructure - Issues on Monitoring and Failure Restoration, Springer, 2014, 1--212.
[ISBN 978-1-4614-7737-2] (with J. Tapolcai, P-H. Ho, P. Babarczi)

Book chapters:

1. Computations in associative and Lie algebras; Chapter 5 in the textbook Some tapas of Computer Algebra, edited by A. M. Cohen, H. Cuypers, H. Sterk; Springer-Verlag, 1999, 91-120. (with G. Ivanyos)

2. Efficient algorithms;  in: Formal methods in computing (eds: A. Pataricza, M. Ferenczi, L. Rónyai);  Akadémiai Kiadó, 2005, 1--54.  (with. M. B. Pintér)

3. Algebra (in Hungarian); Chapter 18 in:  Informatikai Algoritmusok  II (ed: A. Iványi); ELTE Eötvös Kiadó, 2005,
(with G. Ivanyos)

4. Algebra; Chapter 5 in:   Algorithms in Informatics I (ed: A. Iványi); MondAt Kiadó, 2007,  217--274.
(with G. Ivanyos)  (English translation of 3.)

Lajos Rónyai,  October 17, 2014