Computing in nilpotent Lie algebras

A GAP 4 package

Short description (Abstract)

Sophus is a GAP 4 package to compute with nilpotent
Lie algebras over finite prime fields. In particular, the package can be
used to compute certain central extensions and the automorphism group
of such Lie algebras. Sophus also enables its user to test
isomorphism between two nilpotent Lie algebras. The author of the
package used it to construct all Lie algebras of dimension at most 9
over GF(2) and those of dimension at most 7 over GF(3) and GF(5); follow this link for details.


The package can be accessed in a compressed format. The files README and PackageInfo.g can be downloaded separately.

Current version 1.23: [README] [sophus1r23.tar.gz] [PackageInfo.g]

Download the sophus1r23.tar.gz file above and place it in your gap/pkg directory. Then type

tar xvzf sophus1r23.tar.gz

Next time you run GAP you have to type

gap> LoadPackage( "sophus" );
Loading Sophus 1.23 (Computing with nilpotent Lie algebras)
by Csaba Schneider (

See the GAP manual for further details.


Sophus documentation is distributed inside the sophus1r23.tar.gz file, but it can also be accessed separately.

Sophus Manual [pdf] [html]

Csaba Schneider
 3 February 2005