Scientific and application results in the past five years

I. Theoretical investigation of power electronic equipment and systems

  1. The chaotic behaviour of the tolerance band AC current control of a three phase full bridge AC-DC converter.

  2. The research and discussion of the strange sub-harmonic behaviour of a special, high frequency inverter operating on the principle of time-sharing.

  3. Environment-friendly utilisation of regeneration and waste energy for electrical energy production.

  4. Stability analysis method based on the virtual state vector e.g. for a dual channel resonant converters.

  5. Investigation method for the bifurcation behaviour of the power-factor-correction (PFC) boost converter under a conventional peak current-mode control.

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II. R&D works with practical realisations connecting to the welding technologies

  1.  AC/DC TIG welding apparatus family (1997-98)
    (HTR-180-DC-TIG type in series production from 1998)

  2. Universal electronic ballast series for fluorescent lamps (1997-98).

  3. Accumulator charging equipment for special requirements (1998-99).
    (ANSZ-202, -267 types, the charging voltage 48-220 V, in series production from 2000)

  4. DC and AC supply source family operated from accumulator plant on field (1999-2000).

  5. Controlled high voltage supply source of adjustable voltage and current (2000-01).

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