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The Camerata Hungarica is one of the best known Hungarian ensembles in Europe and overseas. Their repertoire covers the European music of the Middle Ages through the Baroque. The ensemble is known as the best performer of the Hungarian and East and West European music of these centuries.

The Camerata Hungarica recorded secular music in Buda Castle of the 16th century the first time ever. They also made first recordings from the music of Transylvania and that of the historical Hungarian territories from the 16-18th centuries. One of these recordings, the double album of the Vietoris Manuscript, won the Grand Prix of the Paris Academy in 1975.

The ensemble performs its rich repertoire on an extremely high level of musicality and technical skills. This is based on the versatile and virtuoso treatment of the instruments.

The Camerata Hungarica has been concertizing abroad continually since the first tour to Italy in 1973. They participated in numerous early music festivals and gave concerts in a long list of countries, from Mexico to Japan, from Sweden to Sicily.

CDs of Camerata Hungarica

Jacob van Eyck: The Nightingale - Renaissance Recorder Music
György Róbert (recorder), László Czidra, Daniel Benkõ Camerata Hungarica, Melinda Lugosi, Lassus Quartett 1992 HUNGAROTON HCD 31477 (DDD)
Jacob van Eyck: Prins Robberts Masco (3.8 MB, 2x16bit/22kHz)

Samuel Scheidt: Ludi & Symphoniae
Camerata Hungarica, Festetics Quartett, László Czidra, Miklós Spányi, 1989 HUNGAROTON HCD 12798 (DDD)
Courant (4.8 MB, 2x16bit/22kHz)

Renaissance and Baroque Recorder
László Czidra, Daniel Benkõ, Zsolt Harsányi, Bakfark Consort, Camerata Hungarica, Benkõ Consort, Budapest Early Music Trio, 1989 Glória - Céh GCCD 66002 (DDD)
Dances from "Vietorisz" Manuscript: Polonica (4.6 MB, 2x16bit/22kHz)

The Gems of Renaissance Music
Songs and Dances by Heinrich Isaac, Clemens non Papa, John Dowland, Jan Lublin, Josquin Desprez, Andrea Gabrieli a.o. and from the collections by Susato and Phalese. Camerata Hungarica directed by László Czidra, 1987 HUNGAROTON HCD 11720-2, (ADD)
Anonymous: Un cavalier di spagna (5.4 MB, 2x16bit/22kHz)

Choreae & Carmina
Renaissance dances from two collections of Pierre Phalese Sen and Jun and their vocal concordances, ("Liber primus leviorum carminum" (1571), "Chorearum molliorum collectanea" (1583)), The Completed Camerata Hungarica directed by László Czidra, 1986 HUNGAROTON HCD 12662-2 (ADD)
Ungaresca (6.5 MB, 2x16bit/22kHz)

Danserye 1551
Dances from the Susato Collection and their vocal concordances, Camerata Hungarica directed by László Czidra, 1985 HUNGAROTON HCD 12194-2 (ADD)
La morisque (4.5 MB, 2x16bit/22kHz)

Music to Entertain the Kings of Hungary 1490 - 1526
Works of Heinrich Finck, Paul Hofhaimer, Adrian Willaert, Wolfgang Grefinger, Thomas Stoltzer, Dances from the Organ Tablature of Jan Lublin etc., Camerata Hungarica directed by László Czidra, Ars Renata artistic director: László Virág, 1979 HUNGAROTON HCD 12896-2 (ADD)
Thomas Stoltzer: Ich wunsch alln frawen ehr (6.7 MB, 2x16bit/22kHz)

Court Music for King Matthias
Works of Jacques Barbireau, Pietrobono, Johannes de Stokem, Johannes Tinctoris. Camerata Hungarica directed by László Czidra, 1978 HUNGAROTON HCD 11844-2 (ADD)
Jacques Barbireau: Der pfoben swancz (2.0 MB, 2x16bit/22kHz)

LPs of Camerata Hungarica

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