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In the spring of 2009 I was 3 weeks in this amazing (amazigh) country.
Marrakesh, Imlil (High Atlas, Toub kal), Ouarzazate, Ait Benhaddou, Sahara (Merzouga), Beni Melal, Cascades d'Ouzoud, Fez, Meknes, Essaouira.
The very best was Idriss, the disert and the last mint tee with flowers of orange in Fez.

If you want to go to Morocco don't skip the desert and if you need a good guide write me an e-mail!



Museum of Applied Arts,
The Art of the Stitch - International open exhibition on contemporary embroideries
interactive mandala with Viktor Vicsek.



Nothing There - or do dreams go to sleep during the day?
we made an interactive dance performance, choreographed by Réka Szabó.

Premiere TRAFO House of Contemporary Arts in 2008 and after in Lithuania and in 2009 in London.



13 February - 14 March 2008
group exhibition



I moved an other flat at the end of 2007.
I live in Bud(dh)a.

I have a balcony!

I saw some rainbow!

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!


International Intermedia Festival & Workshop

Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery
Intermodem is mainly planned as a week-long international intermedia festival and workshop in MODEM, The Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts in Debrecen, and also as a long-term network of artists from all around the world. The festival itself aims to gather together the digital branch of art, and to set the basis of a hopefully dynamically developing media art database and a virtual library...

I made a loop video.

In the spring of 2007 I was one month in India. I visited Delhi, Khasmir, Amritsar, Dharamsala, Chandigarh, Haridwar, Rishikes but my favorite was Anandpur Sahib.

I went on the mountains of Himalaya, I tried the house boat on the Dal lake in Srinagar, I visited the Golden Temple, I was on the border of Pakistan, I gave some gifts to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, I saw Le Corbusier's houses, I visited Nek Chand at his 'Rock Garden' in Chandigarh and I was in Bibi's village, I saw so many holy bather in Ganga river and I moved to Kamal's Guest House in Laxman Julah, I had a bath in Ganga on my birthday, I met PrAkash and finaly I did not see any tiger.
It was great!

In 2006 and 2007 I had so many screening in different places and I presented two selections of ©olorbar.
Inforg Studio, Instytut Polski Budapest, Confucius Institute, etc.



Natan Karczmar has organized the first videocollective in 1984.
The interest of videocollective events is both aesthetic and sociological. The aim of the videocollective event is to show the country through the eyes of local inhabitants and to create a video memory that one may consult at a local institution. A copy of all the videocollectives filmed in the world is deposited at the VIDEOFORMES International Festival in Clermont-Ferrand France. The selection will be presented at the Videoformes Festival in Clermont- Ferrand and in all the cities participating in the videocollective network in the world.
Organizers: Anita Sarosi and Natan Karczmar



interactive media installation

Jövő Háza, Csodák Palotája


2005. 10. 13. - 11. 03.
separate exhibition

"Through her new works created for this solo show, a double projection based on documentary footage and an interactive audio-visual collage
Anita Sárosi, Hungarian media artist provides insight to her experiences gained in China during a 3 months trip."

And a nice letter.


2005. 07. 01. - 08. 21.
NE(a)T - women about women
group exhibition

2005. 06. 24.
group exhibition
Lakás Gallery, Budapest

I am working in a new group in the MTA SZTAKI.
We are the Mediatechnology Group.


2004. 09. 06 - 11. 29.
I was in China.
I got a scholarship from the Hungarian Scholarship Board.


separate exhibition,

Gallery of C3 Center for Culture and Communication

25. 02. 2004 - 02. 04. 2004



with actions, reactions, collections, exhibitions, videos...


public street art project






Group of arists, designers and programers.

ZOOM-Media Festival, Pécs
X.RETINA 2003, Szigetvar
and some other places





In 2003, I took part in the Euroscreen21 project.
This is an Europian media-art project in which digital video shorts by 40 artists from 30 Europian counties.
Each video is about one minute long. The works articulate their personal perspective on the concept of 'HOME'.

The Euroscreen21 DVD will be shown simultaneously in 14 other countries, at museums, galleries and other cultural institutions across the world.






2002 "ViewPoint", separate exhibition, Studio Gallery, Budapest

2003 "ViewPoint" will be present in New York at the International Festival of Cinema and Technology-n.

2002 I was a gest at the International Video Art Biennial in Tel Aviv.
Interesting place.

My "ViewPoint" video was
Audio Visualizers VJ Contest Winners, in Toronto, Canada

& VideoMedeja, Sixth International Video Festival, First prize, Novi Sad.

Ankara I.F.F. World Mass Media Research Foundation, Jury special prize.










In 2002 the ART WINDOW GALLERY take part
Festival of Contemporary Galleries
Contemporary Art Museum - Ludwig Museum Budapest
Hidden scene in '90 years. - Budapest Box.

2002.06.04.- 2002.09.29.

From March of 2001 we made an independent, non-profit art gallery from this Art Window.





Meanwhile, my video called "Dragon" took part of several national and international festivals.
At the WRO 01 International Media Art Biennale (Wroclaw, Poland) I won the first prize with my video "Dragon" in 2001, May.
This video has been selected the Transmediale 02 International Media Art Festival "Best of video tour 2002/2003".







From 2000 I am a PHD student of the Hungaraian University of Craft and Design, Visual Communication Department, Budapest.





The ART WINDOW Project was presented TIMEWORKS/TIMEIMAGES, Hungarian Antropology Museum, Budapest 2001.

In December of 1999 me and my friend Beatrix Szörényi found a shopwindow which had been used by no one.
From February of 2000 until March of 2001 in this shopwindow we were making an exhibition series.
Budapest Hattyu u. 10/c.



We made a dancevideo from a dance performence by Réka Szabo in BBS.
"Counter Control"

Since 1999 I have been an outside contributor of Computer and Automation Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.



This softwer development was presented at the MEDIAMODELL exhibition in 2000 at the Műcsarnok (Kunsthalle).

1999 Europian Media Artists in Residence Exchange Program (EMARE) Werkleitzben (Germany) with Erika Katalina Pásztor and Ákos Balázs.
We made an Interactive "action movie" story generator. This is a software development.



Afterwards, I made a video called the "Dragon".

In 1999 I managed to realize one of my ideas from seven years ago, which was based on that, I happened to draw a dragon.
"The Invisible immortal" (3D animation).



In fact these years were needed for me to get to like Budapest too.

In 1998 Derkovits Gyula fine art scolarship.

From 1998-2001 I was a member of the board in Studio Balázs Béla (BBS).



After I got my diplom I was invited to teach at my university.

I got my diplom in 1997 with my work called the "Map", which was presented for several times at video and media festivals in the last few years.

1997 Media Master Art Forum, Stuttgart, Germany.

I had a good teacher here too, her name was Erika Katalina Pásztor.
I had started to work on computer with her help.

1991-97 Hungarian University of Art and Design, Visual Communication Department.



It was also the place where I got to know some of my friends. I liked the place either.

It was the time when I met Lajos Orr who is a sculptor and excellent teacher. He taught me drawing.

1987-91 High School of the Art, Nyíregyháza.



My parents gave me the name: Anita Sárosi.



© Sárosi, Anita