Curriculum Vitae

Personal items

Birth place, date: Kolozsvár, 23. September 1969.
Marital status: married, 2 daughters


Ph.D., Budapest Technical University, 2002
M.Sc. in Mechanical. Engineering, Budapest Technical University, 1993


  • Engineer-Economist, Business Economics, Budapest University of Economic Sciences, 1997

  • MSc. Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Technology, Budapest Technical University, 1993

Fields of interest

Production planning and scheduling, management of complexity, changes
and disturbances in complex production structures, intelligent manufacturing processes and systems, distributed production systems, digital factories, virtual enterprises, modelling, simulation and optimisation of production systems, application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in manufacturing


Research and Development Projects

2002-2005 IMS-NOE: European Network of Excellence in Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, Fifth Framework Programme of the EU
2001-2004 Digital factories, production networks, NKFP
2000-2003 MPA: Modular Plant Architecture, Fifth Framework Programme of the EU
2001-2002 VIMIMS: Virtual Institute for Modelling Industrial Manufacturing Systems, EU SOCRATES Minerva
1996-2000 "Integration in Manufacturing and Beyond", ESPRIT LTR Working Group (WG No. 23205)
1997-1999  distributed (holonic) manufacturing systems

Distributed, holonic manufacturing systems, Országos Tudományos Kutatási Alap (OTKA) F023628

1996-1999 Intelligent Manufacturing, ESPRIT LTR Working Group (WG No. 21108)
1997-1999 "Integration in Manufacturing", OMFB, (EU-96-B4-025)

Industrial projects:

1997-1999 Paks Nuclear Plant, Introduction of the new Information System,  Consultant,
1999 HITELAP New Production Planning and Control system, Simulation, Project manager, Consultant
2000 HITELAP, Electronic board manufacturing: manufacturing system modelling, scheduling and optimisation, Project manager, Consultant.

Awards, fellowships

  • 2nd Bolyai János Research Fellowship (2003-2006)
  • Recipient of the Hungarian Academy Award for Best Junior Scientists  (2003) "Intelligent approaches to manage changes and disturbances in manufacturing systems", Ph.D. dissertation

  • SZTAKI Institute Prize (2003)

  • Bolyai János Research Fellowship (1999-2002)

  • Recipient of the SZTAKI Award for Best Junior Scientists (1995, 1997)

Language skills

Mother tongue: Hungarian;

Intermediate: English, Romanian

Lower‑grade: German